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So, the past couple of months I’ve been AWOL from this blog. Part of this has been because after the blog changed it’s focus from SWTOR to general gaming, a lot of work was required to reorganise everything (almost done btw). The other is that I’ve been in a few closed betas that have been taking all of my spare time. One is the Dust 514 beta.  The other, and the subject of this post, is Mechwarrior Online.

Up until recently we weren’t allowed to say that we were beta testing MWO, but that aspect of the NDA has now been relaxed. Unfortunately though, that is about all we are allowed to say. The NDA has me gagged on everything that is not already in the public domain.

What I can say though is that I have been a longtime fan of the Mechwarrior franchise. I am also an avid PvP’er. When the game is released, I’m pretty sure I’m going to be playing the shit out of it. For as long as I’ve been in the beta (a bit over a month or so now) I’ve played nothing else.

So what is Mechwarrior Online? It’s big internet stompy robots blowing the crap out of other big internet stompy robots. It is essentially a first person shooter/mech sim. Those who have heard it is an MMO have heard wrong. It isn’t one by any sensible definition of that term. It is, however, a slower paced FPS than people have come to expect from the genre. It is less twitch based and more skill/tactics based. The perfect FPS for an old fart like me! The game does have persistent elements in it though. For instance, groups will be able to fight for control of the territory known as the Inner Sphere, and this data will persist between game sessions.

How much will the game cost? Nothing! It is a free to play title; And when I say free to play, it really is free to play. There will be a cash shop of course, and you can become a premium member, but it isn’t a “pay to win” kind of affair. You don’t have to pay in order to compete with those who do. All of the mechs/weapons/ammo available to people paying cash are also available to people paying nothing. Paying real money only helps with lowering grinding (eg XP and in game currency boost) or adding cosmetic items (eg new skins for your mech).

Piranha Games are doing this thing right. They are a great company. They care deeply about the game and the franchise. What is really refreshing though is that they care deeply about the community. It is the only game I’ve seen where the president of the company is actively engaged in the forums, conversing with the punters.

Due to the NDA, I won’t be able to blog about the really meaty stuff of this game. Not just yet anyway. You can rest assured however that I’ll be preparing guides and other good stuff for when the game finally hit’s open beta stage.


  1. Siha says:

    I’m not at all an avid PvPer and I, too, will be playing the shit out of it. Despite really enjoying TSW and still raiding in SWTOR, I’m pretty sure I’ve racked up more MWO time than every other game put together in the last few weeks. :)

  2. Shintar says:

    I usually don’t do FPSes, but having been fond of the Battletech franchise since the days of Mechwarrior 2, I could see myself giving this a try. Hearing you say that it’s less twitchy than the average shooter certainly makes that even more likely. :)

  3. Targeter says:

    I’m also in the beta and I also would love to comment on this game … when the NDA gets lifted, oh sweet holy bajeebus will I spill the beans.


    I’m having fun.

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